DITM College Committees

DITM College Committees

Delhi Institute of Technology & Management was founded in 2007 with a clear and well defined aim – to create a center of excellence, committed to delivering education of nationally recognized standards in the fields of technology and management.

Board of Governers
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jain- Chairman

DITM has blossomed under the inspiring guidance of Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jain, the chairperson. Mr Sanjeev Kumar Jain is dedicated to furthering the cause of professional education. He started his journey as a first generation entrepreneur and in a span of just seventeen years, has earned a name in Higher & Engineering education. Apart from managing his own Schools, he is one of the Managing Director of Jain Group of Institution besides being associated with numerous organizations including some NGOs. A man of substance having a business acumen that is coupled with simplicity, he stands tall above others – an iconic figure for today’s youth. The mission of creating a better tomorrow for the country is very dear to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jain - the visionary. Taking another step forward towards achieving his aim, he conceived Delhi Institute of Technology & Management an institution that can provide quality and meaningful education in the fields of technology and management. Under his dedicated leadership, the institute has made remarkable progress and today with necessary infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities & best of educational practices, it has become a centre of excellence that is catering to the need of hundreds of youngsters every year. Under his guidance college is committed to plan, design, deliver and promote the best education to the students with an objective to kindle minds, improve capabilities and nurture exemplary skills to create future industry leaders.

Apart from the Chairman, following esteemed members constitute the Board of Governers

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